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General guidelines for submitting articles to Louisiana Advocates

The submission deadline for a month's issue generally falls near the 10th of the month preceding the publication's issue date.

longer and shorter articles appear in the publication, most of the articles written by attorneys average about 1,100 words. Microsoft Word files are preferred. If you use some other word-processing software, please save your file in rich-text format (rtf). Automatic paragraph indents and a ragged right margin are preferred, but not mandatory. If you do choose to justify text on the right and the left, please do not add extra spaces between words to improve the appearance of the justified text. Using endnotes rather that footnotes is also helpful.

LAJ reserves the right to edit all articles according to its guidelines and to fit available space, and submission of an article does not guarantee its publication.

When an article is chosen for publication, we like to run a photo of its author with the article. Therefore, you may want to send a photo with your submission.  A high-resolution .jpg or .tif file is preferred. Please do not insert the image into your word-processing file.

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